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Counselling couples and relationships – Should I seek relationship support?

Your counsellor can help you understand what has triggered your relationship issues.

These might be:

  • A major life event, such as job-loss or illness, which can cause significant personal stress and put pressure on your relationship
  • The pressure of one partner suffering an addiction or substance abuse problem
  • A sexual issue that you are reluctant to discuss, leading to tension and a breakdown in communication
  • Infidelity or physical abuse which puts a constant strain on your relationship
  • The stress of managing money, children or the pressures of everyday life

When counselling relationships, your counsellor can help you to understand and overcome the cause of your problem and rebuild your relationship on a firmer footing.

Download a free information sheet on families experiencing change.

To find out more, contact me for a free, confidential introduction to the process of counselling relationships and couples. You will be under no pressure to take your enquiry any further.