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How child and young person counselling works

My sessions counselling teenagers and children, (aged 6-17 years), are held in a relaxed, confidential and safe environment. They provide the opportunity to discuss issues freely, and to express feelings with someone who is impartial.


I adapt my approach to the needs of each child or teenager. Play therapy and activities such as drama and drawing can be used to build confidence and open one-to-one communication. It also helps children to communicate when they can’t find the right words, or if they feel uncomfortable talking about some issues.


This encouragement of expressiveness sets my counselling apart from many other practising counsellors, and can help even young children reveal the root of their issues quickly so that we can start to tackle them.


To find out more, contact me for a free, confidential introduction to counselling teenagers and children. You will be under no pressure to take your enquiry any further.