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Managing children through separation and divorce

From the break-up of parents, and/or the introduction of new step-family members, to brothers and sisters who can’t stop fighting, family relationships can be tough.


Through individual or group counselling, families can learn how to understand each other and moderate behaviour to get along. I offer help and support for families during separation, divorce or new parenting arrangements.


Difficulties can arise with children and young people when a family is experiencing change such as:


  • Separating or divorcing
  • Dealing with new parenting arrangements
  • Introducing new partners into the family home
  • Managing young people through strained relationships that are bordering on or toppling into conflict
  • Separating or divorcing because of violence or oppression in the home


Adjusting to these changes is often not easy and I offer a short course of therapeutic sessions based on the child. Young people have often heard and seen things that you wish they had not. From this information, the children make judgements which affect their way of being.  By the very nature of the situation, it is very difficult for the adult involved to make an appropriate response.


The easiest and most effective way to help a troubled child or teen is to give them the opportunity to express their feelings. 
I’m an experienced counsellor with extensive training in the issues that affect children and teenagers, and provide a caring, supportive approach to help you and your child.


I can help you and your child understand what’s troubling them, and take steps to overcome this, help your child to feel good about himself or herself, so that he or she can be more confident in friendships and family relationships.  This will help you to better understand and communicate with your child, so that family life and school become less of a struggle.


In addition to my services managing children through separation and divorce, I also offer counselling for parents and carers to work through their thoughts and feelings and to grow in confidence